Halifax Rainmen file for Bankruptcy

Halifax Rainmen

The ownership of the Halifax Rainmen from Canada’s NBL has filed for bankcruptcy. It’s a bitter end to an already sour 2014/15 season for the franchise. The team, which joined the league in 2011, forfeited the final game of the league finals series in April. The players from the Windsor Express and the Halifax Rainmen engaged in a brawl As a result, a $20,000 fine was imposed on the Halifax Rainmen organization, plus a $10,000 fine for head coach Josep Claros and $9,000 in fines for assistant coach Pedro Monteiro for “conduct detrimental to the league.”

“I am incredibly proud of what the Halifax Rainmen have accomplished over the past eight years, bringing world-class basketball to a city that we’ve been proud to call home,” Andre Levingston, owner and president of the Halifax Rainmen, said in a statement released Monday.

“While it’s disappointing to see this chapter end, I can hold my head high knowing that we did everything we could have done. I love this game and I love this city.”

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