Four Tips for Betting on NBA Games

The NBA is one of the most popular leagues for sports betting, and if you aren’t betting on NBA games yet, you should consider giving it a shot. For one, NBA games tend to be much easier to predict since the league is top-heavy with a few big markets dominating. There are also tons of games played in a year, and someone who understands basketball could see potential upsets that the oddsmakers can’t. If you think you have what it takes to be successful in betting on the NBA, here are a few tips you should follow.

Start with the Right Site

The first thing you should do is pick an excellent online betting site. Look for a site with the most comprehensive selections of prop bets for the NBA that allow you to watch games through their streaming service. This makes them a perfect option if you can’t access small market games where you are. You can also get a deposit bonus by using this bet365 promo code.

Understand The Impact of Home-Field Advantage

Oddsmakers like to add three points for home-field advantage, but it might be overvalued. Home-field advantage doesn’t have the same impact in NBA basketball because the talent is so lopsided. There are also many teams in the NBA that perform much better on the road. There’s something to be said about crowds being much smaller in basketball than they are in football or the NFL.

So, learn what teams tend to perform better away from home or going through a tough home streak. We also suggest that you pay special attention to games when teams play back to back. This way, you could bet on games between well-rested road dogs and home teams with tired legs.

Look at Team Chemistry

The NBA is a sport where chemistry is essential. NBA rosters are also much smaller than in most team sports, which means that one or two players can affect the whole team’s dynamic. For instance, we can think about what happened between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, or the whole Marcus Smart incident.

This is why you need to pay extraordinary attention to what’s going behind the scenes and see if there is any trouble brewing between players, players, and coaches, or players and the organization.

Get to Know the Referees

Another interesting thing about the NBA is how much power and control they have over the game. And it can take only one official to completely change a game’s outcome. Just ask Tim Donaghy.

This is why you should know which referees are fast on the trigger. If you have a very aggressive team in the paint vs. a player that is an expert at drawing fouls, you could spot upsets by knowing that one team will get to the line more often and possibly have one player from the other team throw out.

These are all tips you can use to boost your chances of winning when betting on the NBA. Learn the game in and out first and take advantage of all the upset possibilities and different betting options the league offers.

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