fotis katsikaris

Fotis Katsikaris parts with Gescrap BB

fotis katsikaris

Fotis Katsikaris is parting ways with Gescrap Bizkaia Bilbao Basket from Spain’s ACB. The Greek head coach was expected to leave the club not too long after he was named the head coach of the Russian Men’s National Basketball Team. The Spanish ACB has strict rules that forbid coaches from having dual functions.

At some point Katsikaris, Gescrap BB, and the Russian Basketball Federation were able to work out a solution around the dilemma. There would be a cycling of contracts so he would not have any overlapping deals. It now remains to be seen whether or not this will be executed in the future. For now Katsikaris says he hopes to coach another club while staying on as the coach of the Russian National Team.

In 2012-13 he led Club Bilbao to the Eurocup finals and was also named Eurocup Coach of the Year.

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