FIBA derecognizes Adriatic League!

FIBA has decided to derecognize the Adriatic League during the 4th regular meeting of the FIBA Europe board in Tagernsee (Germany) this weekend. Recognition of a league may be withdrawn particularly in the case a league does not comply with the requirements under the FIBA by-laws, the general statuses and internal regulations. The Adriatic League failed to provide sufficient information on several points related to the above when requested to do so. In order to avoid disrupting the competition currently under way and adversely affect the clubs, it was agreed that the withdrawal will take effect at the end of the current Adriatic League season.

In the background, the FIBA and ULEB have again started a fight over who is in charge in Europe. FIBA wants to control all international Cup competitions (including Euroleague) . If the ULEB will not hand over the Euroleague then FIBA will start her own version of the Euroleague next season. But the last time there was a showdown about this topic, FIBA had to back off and got away with a bloody nose because all the major clubs in Europe chose ULEB. The decision to derecognize the Adriatic league has the biggest impact on the referees because they fall under the supervision of the FIBA.




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