Fenerbahce rallies to force Game 7 decider in BSL Finals

BSL Finals

The Turkish BSL Finals have been nothing short of exciting. Now, fans will be treated to a final and decisive game in the series after Fenerbahce rallied passed Anadolu Efes to emerge victorious in Game 6 85-69.

After Anadolu Efes’ 86-76 win in Game 5, they had hoped to close out the BSL Finals in Game 6 and finally hoist the first place trophy above their heads. However, Fenerbahce, like the elite European team that they are, refused to go gentle into that good night. They came through with a huge 16-1 rally in the fourth quarter to survive another day.

Six of Fenerbahce’s players chipped in with double-digit scoring production in this game. That said, Marko Guduric stood out amongst them all as he tallied a game-high 21 points, thanks mostly to his 5-of-8 shooting from beyond the 3-point arc. Overall, the yellow and blue shirts’ game from the outside was on point in this game and can be credited to their big push for the win. The team went 14-for-34 from downtown and it helped spread out Anadolu Efes’ defenses a bit more towards the end.

The game was actually quite close through the first three quarters as Efes tried to keep Fenerbahce in check with their solid defense. On the other end of the floor, former NBA guard Shane Larkin led the charge for Efes with 16 points and three assists. He was a perfect 6-for-6 from 2-point range but connected on just 1-of-7 shots from deep. Veterans Krunoslav Simon and Vasilije Micic each added 12 points to the box score.

Now the BSL Finals boils down to just one game. The 2019 Turkish League championship will go to whichever team wants it more and can better execute their game plan. This rivalry between both clubs has only served to fuel the fire of excitement surrounding the finals and fans of Turkish basketball will surely be treated to an epic conclusion come June 21st.

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