Diamantopoulos wins arbitration


Greek player Georgios Diamantopoulos (196 cm) has won an arbitration case at the FIBA Basketball Arbitration Tribunal (BAT) vs. former Swiss team SAV Vacallo. He has filed a claim against the Swiss Club SAV Vacallo Basket for outstanding salaries and late payment penalties.

BAT arbitrator Ulrich Haas has awarded without reason in favor of the claimant in accordance with Article 16.2 of BAT rules:

“By agreeing to submit their dispute to arbitration under these Rules, the Parties agree that,
where the value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 30,000, the Arbitrator will issue an
award without reasons. The Arbitrator shall deliver reasons only in the case where a party

a) files a request to that effect at any stage from when the Request for Arbitration is filed until no later than ten (10) days after the notification of the award without reasons; and

b) pays the respective advance on costs as determined and within the time limit set by the BAT Secretariat.”


1. SAV Vacallo Basket is ordered to pay to Mr. Georgios Diamantopoulos outstanding salaries in the amount of USD 7,000 and late payment penalties in an amount of USD 1,450.

2. The costs of this arbitration until the present Award, which were determined by the President of the BAT to be in the amount of EUR 4,500, shall be borne by SAV Vacallo Basket alone. Accordingly, SAV Vacallo Basket shall pay to Mr. Georgios Diamantopoulos EUR 4,500.

3. SAV Vacallo Basket shall pay to Mr. Georgios Diamantopoulos EUR 3,957 as a contribution to his legal fees and expenses. SAV Vacallo Basket shall bear its own legal fees and expenses.

4. Any arbitration costs associated with a Request for Reasons (see attached Notice) shall be advanced and borne by the requesting party.

5. All other or further-reaching prayers for relief are dismissed

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  1. Hesus on May 13, 2013 at 13:59

    An interesting side note to these BAT awards is that anyone can (somewhat) calculate what player’s salaries are.

    In this case, Diamantopoulos’ salary is vastly different from when he was on top of his game a few years back.

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