Den Bosch is the first team to beat Oostende in BNXT League

Den Bosch handed Oostende its first defeat in the BNXT League 75-66.

Filou Oostende and Heroes Den Bosch defended intensively in the first quarter. In the first ten minutes, the teams came no further than 14-12. In the second quarter, things went much better on both sides, especially for Heroes Den Bosch. With 26-16, that quarter went to the home team, which had a top shooter again in Austin Price with 12 points. For Oostende, Phillip Booth was in double figures with 11 points. Half-time score 40-28.

After the break, Oostende started a bit brighter but could not prevent a 56-41 deficit after three quarters. In the last quarter, Heroes Den Bosch remained the better team. However, Oostende came back to within 3 points (67-64), but the Dutch home team closed the game-winning 75-66. Thomas van der Mars was good for 16 points on behalf of Heroes Den Bosch. Phil Booth scored 18 points for Ostend.

Den Bosch beats Oostende in BNXT League

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