DeAndre Jordan dumps Mavs for Clippers

DeAndre Jordan

Where DeAndre Jordan would finally end up playing this season has been one of the highlights of NBA free agency so far. Jordan initially stunned the Clippers and the NBA world in general when he verbally agreed to sign a max deal with the Dallas Mavericks for four years worth over $80 million. Dallas made cap room space for Jordan’s deal by letting their starting center, Tyson Chandler, go and sign with the Phoenix Suns. Reports came out that his relationship with Clippers’ Captain and starting point guard, Chris Paul, was strained.

The Jordan saga has taken a recent twist. He called the Clippers saying he changed his mind and wanted to stay. Now, DeAndre has reportedly re-signed with the Clippers for four years worth $88 million. There is a player opt-out clause after the third year.

While the what Jordan did was not illegal, based on NBA rules, he did go back on his word. The move hurts his credibility, but earns him the most money and puts him in a better position to contend for a championship. Now, the Mavericks have to figure out a “Plan C” to solve their needs at center.

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