dario saric

Dario Saric to join NBA Draft

dario saric

19-year-old Croatian basketball player Dario Saric (208 cm) has officially declared his entry into the 2013 NBA draft in June. Saric is purported to be one of the top small forward candidates in the draft. Knowledge that the draft class of 2013 is rumored to be “relatively weak” may have played a role in Saric’s decision to throw his name into the hat. Dario is testing the waters and can actually still pullout of the draft before June 17.

If early reports are on point and that Saric is currently projected to be picked in the first round of the draft, somewhere in the 20s, landing on a big market team might just be the light at the end of the tunnel for him after enduring a long soap opera of events in 2012. A FIBA arbitration ruled that Bilbao Basket had to pay  €550,000 to KK Zagreb for the Croatian player. Bilbao had signed Saric to a five-year contract and it was a complicated issue dealing with a buyout of his deal, up until Cibona – oddly one of the most unlikely of candidates – came to the table with a solution. Saric practiced with KK Split while awaiting a resolution. Interestingly enough, his move to join the NBA could be a matter of his exercising his “NBA escape clause” in his deal with Cibona, which has had its fair share of recent financial problems.

Dario was a member of the Croatian National team in 2012 and brings a versatile game to the table due to his passing ability and his shooting touch from long range.

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