Crisis Averted, Israel Winner League to Resume

Israel Winner League The 2017-18 Israel Winner League is set to resume on Sunday after an agreement has been reached between the league and the Players Association. The season was in jeopardy of ending abruptly due to a strike by its players. Israeli hoops fans can rejoice as the strike has been canceled.

The crux of the problem was the players’ issue with the modification of the “Russian Rule” of the league that was going to be modified next season.

The “Russian Rule” will continue to exist “according to which each team is obliged to have two Israeli players at any given moment on the court with up to six foreigners registered on the game form. Any team that registers four foreign players or less throughout the season will win a financial bonus from the manager, while a team that registers six foreigners will pay a sum which will be divided between the teams with four foreigners or less“.

This is a huge win for the sport and the fans. The playoffs will begin this Tuesday (Best of 5 series), with the Final Four to be held on June 11-14

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