Corey Manigault shot in the head

Limassol AEL basketball player Corey Manigault was seriously injured after an attack in a Nicosia nightclub.

Manigault’s girlfriend and his teammate Brandon Averette were also injured in the attack, but not as severe as the 23-year-old basketball player. Corey Manigault is in critical condition. He has been diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and is intubated.

“Corey remains intubated in the intensive care unit and has been sedated. Doctors hope things will end well, but it is too early to deal with the predictions yet. We do not know how long the treatment process will take and how seriously Corey was injured, “said AEL.

One of the suspects, a 46-year-old man, has already been arrested. Police are now searching for two more suspects.

Corey Manigault had a great collegiate career at the University of New Mexico, where he averaged 12.5 ppg and 4.5 RPG. This season he is the true leader of AEL as he averaged 25.6 ppg and 11.9 RPG in the Cypriot league.

Corey´s uncle was playground legend Earl The Goat Manigault.

Corey Manigault

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