Brawl and chaos in Belgrade!

Brawl in Belgrade
Brawl in Belgrade

The first game of the Serbian play off finals between Partizan and Red Star lasted three and a half hour, was interrupted twice, and there was a brawl. In the end, four Red Star players won against two from Partizan in an empty gym.

The game was tense from the beginning and in the third quarter the entire team of Partizan walked off the court in protest of the refereeing. They eventually returned but in the 4th quarter an incident involving DeMarcus Nelson (Red Star) and Nikola Milutinov (Partizan) ended in a bench clearing brawl.

Things really got out of hand when Partizan fans started throwing chairs at the Red Star players and some of those players stormed up the bleachers to confront the Partizan fans.

This time it was the Red Star players who walked off the court in protest. Then the riot police cleared the gym and the refs disqualified ALL players except three from Partizan and five from Red Star. Eventually two players also fouled out and the game ended in a bizarre 4 against 2 match that Red Star won with 97-88.

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