Cavs Undergo Instant Rebuild at NBA Trade Deadline

NBA Trade Deadline It was a frenetic NBA trade deadline with trades going down, left and right. One of the biggest movers and shakers were the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team essentially re-tooled its roster via a series of trades with various teams. The Cavs needed a mid-season reset to clear out an increasingly toxic locker room environment and address their struggles in recent weeks.

Players Added:

George Hill (from Sacramento Kings)

Rodney Hood (from Utah Jazz)

Jordan Clarkson (from L.A. Lakers)

Larry Nance Jr. (from L.A. Lakers)

Players Traded Away:

Dwyane Wade (to Miami Heat)

Isaiah Thomas (to L.A. Lakers)

Channing Frye (to L.A. Lakers)

Iman Shumpert (to Sacramento Kings)

Jae Crowder (to Utah Jazz)

Derrick Rose (to Utah Jazz)

Various draft picks exchanged hands in the deals that went down, but the Cavaliers gained a fresh roster with which they can surround their key player, LeBron James with a supporting cast able to contend for not only the Eastern Conference championship but also the NBA title as well. They did manage to hang onto the 1st-round pick from Brooklyn that has been highly coveted by many teams.

Will the new-look Cavaliers be able to chart a new course, find a fresh identity, and challenge the Golden State Warriors for the championship? They certainly equipped themselves with the fresh talent to do so. But as they say, the proof will be in the pudding.

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