Brian Graham and His New World Order

” Greetings from New York City. In a major move for minor league basketball I have formed The Federation Of American Professional Basketball (FAPB). I have noticed that there is major discrepancy and a kind of back alley way of operating within the subterranean dwellings of American minor league basketball. At times I have found that this way operating is rather depressing. Since assuming control of The ACPBL in 2011, I have witnessed the best and the worst of minor league basketball. As Presidents, Commissioners, and owners we are providing opportunity to the basketball less fortunate. We are giving our players opportunities as well as creating opportunities for ourselves. I have started this Federation as an attempt to bring the leagues together. With the formation of the (FAPB) I have decided to end the existence of THE ACPBL and start THE AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE (APBL). The ACPBL will end after The ACPBL summer league finishes in
late August. It is a bold move to end a fully functional league, but it was a necessary change which will be for the better for all teams involved. The APBL will be a member of The (FAPB).I will also be purchasing the rights to The Federation League which will be a professional minor league basketball league based out of New York City that will also operate under the umbrella of The Federation. It will offer opportunity to organizations that are considering moving to the next level. The transition of The ACPBL to THE APBL has been in the works since the spring of 2012. From the ACPBL we will have 9 of our 10 teams returning with numerous additions of teams from the EBA and ABA. Also, the city of Portsmouth has put together an exploratory committee to
bring a team to Virginia. I would also like to bring back the 2010-2011 champions of The ACPBL Norfolk Tru Hope Trailblazers. Although my contact with The Trailblazers has been minimal, having them within the APBL would be a fantastic opportunity for everyone. The APBL will feature a more competitive league fee scale for teams and returning teams. This will allow teams to solicit a greater amount of sponsors as well as create a cost effective blueprint for teams to follow. There will be standard player contracts for all players, 10 man active roster and a 12 man total roster. Having a scaled down roster will create greater opportunity for the player to further advance their careers. A standard 3 referee format, 16 game season, and the full travel team model for teams that are not able to secure home gyms.”

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