Brawl Mars AUS-PHI Game At FIBA World Cup Qualifiers

FIBA World Cup Qualifiers Things got ugly in the Group B game between Australia and the Philippines in the Asian region of the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers. A massive bench-clearing brawl took place and 13 players were ejected. It spilled over into the area behind the basket and a chair was even thrown at a player in the melee. Australia’s Thon Maker, who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, was seen leaping at his opponents, delivering what could only be described as flying kicks.

After the fight was finally under control and the game resumed, the Philippines which had nine of its players ejected had to play five-on-three with their remaining players. Two of those players fouled out and the game was called due to the rule that at least two players were needed to proceed with the game.

Violence of this nature will not be tolerated by FIBA and they announced on Twitter that disciplinary proceedings are already underway to mete out sanctions and punishments for both teams.

This was a sour end note to what was an exciting first round of the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers. If neither Australia nor the Philippines is disqualified from the event this is how the groupings for the second round will look like.

Group E

  1. Jordan 5-1
  2. Lebanon 5-1
  3. New Zealand 5-1
  4. Korea 4-2
  5. China 3-3
  6. Syria 2-4

Group F

  1. Australia 5-1
  2. Iran 5-1
  3. Philippines 4-2
  4. Kazakhstan 3-3
  5. Japan 2-4
  6. Qatar 2-4

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