Bosnian Basketball Federation relegates top-3 teams to second division!

The Bosnian championship this year was like no other. It ended in chaos after the format was changed in the middle of the season.

Instead of regular playoffs, there would be a final four tournament. However, that option was off the table later when all four semifinalists agreed that the regular season standings should be final with no postseason play.

It is unclear if the Bosnian Basketball Federation (KSBIH) verbally agreed to this, but later they officially requested the final four to be played. Unfortunately, the only team willing to host that was Siroki Brijeg. The other three teams didn’t show up.

Yesterday, the KSBIH announced that those three teams would face financial penalties and be kicked out of the Bosnian league and relegated to the 2nd division! This may have implications on an international level (Adriatic League and FIBA competitions). The three teams have already said that they don’t accept the decision of the KSBIH and will fight it to the bitter end. Surely, this is a story that will continue throughout the offseason.

Bosnian Basketball Federation

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