Big Change Coming to NBA All-Star Game

NBA All-Star Game The NBA is making a drastic change to their annual All-Star Game. The former clash between Eastern and Western Conference stars will be having a fresh new format this 2018. 12 players will be selected from each conference but the teams will not be formed from that categorization. The five starters from each conference will play for their respective sides as per tradition. However, in the new format, the players who received the most votes from each conference will become the official team captains. They will select (draft) players for the rest of their team from the remaining player pool of players.  Last season, it was LeBron James from the East and Stephen Curry from the West.

The twist in the format makes for interesting player combinations. Real-life teammates will be able to face off against each other while playing alongside rivals from the opposite conference. Players Union president, Chris Paul, worked with Hornets owner, Michael Jordan to come up with the changes.

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