Best Kyrie Shoes: The Hottest Picks Of The Past 8 Years

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Kyrie Irving may be one of the most polarizing stars in the NBA, but there’s no doubt he’s also one of the most influential. Along with his razzle-dazzle style of play, the former Cleveland Cavaliers champion and now Brooklyn Nets star has also produced an impressive array of basketball shoes.

Since signing with Nike in 2014, the signature shoe line of Kyrie Irving has taken over the industry. It’s a shame that the Swoosh Brand needed to end the partnership following the basketball star’s recent involvement in an antisemitic controversy, but the signature line of Uncle Drew has already made its mark in the sneaker business.

If you’re a baller or sneaker aficionado, you have surely heard all about Kyrie’s signature shoes. The aesthetics always looks great in this line, but each shoe provides something unique to basketball players and athletes. Take a look below to see the best Kyrie shoes out there, and which iteration fits in perfectly with your game.

What is the Best Kyrie Shoe?

Honestly, we cannot single out just one best Nike Kyrie out there. Each shoe actually has its own strength (and of course weakness), and that’s how we’ll write this list. If you’re in need of an outdoor pair or a very responsive shoe in the Nike Kyrie line, then look no further. Continue reading below!

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Most Balanced: Nike Kyrie 7

If you’re in need of a balanced, all-around shoe, then the Kyrie 7 might be worth looking into. The aesthetics are excellent — as always in Kyrie Irving’s shoes.

Moreover, it is lightweight without compromising a lot from impact protection. The Zoom Turbo unit and the four TPU flaps make for a great cushion and lacing system.

The traction in the Nike Kyrie 7 is made of a data-driven pattern, an asset that helps the outsole stick to the court when a player makes quick shifts and stops. The Nike Kyrie 7 may just be the most balanced among other Kyries.

How do Kyrie 7 shoes fit?

The Kyrie 7 runs true to size, and it’s a little snug in the forefoot. For wide-footers, you can go up half a size for a more comfortable fit.

When did the Kyrie 7 come out?

The Kyrie 7’s release date was in November 2020. The first couple of colorways were the “Icons of Sport” and “Rayguns”.

How much are the Kyrie 7 shoes?

The Kyrie 7 checks in at the price of $130, which is more affordable than other Nike signature shoes.

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Check out these popular Kyrie 7 shoes on Amazon:

Best Cushioning System: Nike Kyrie Infinity

Kyrie’s line has established a reputation for being a low-to-the-ground shoe, and this structure may have compromised its ability to protect the foot from impact and hard landings. But Nike did a tremendous job in boosting the cushion and midsole of the Nike Kyrie Infinity, gifting it with a revamped system that is vastly different from its previous models.

The cushioning setup in the Kyrie Infinity is superb; it’s a combination of the Zoom Strobel on the forefoot and the Zoom Air on the heel, giving it a full-length cushion system.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity may just be the last release in this signature line, as Nike recently announced that they won’t be releasing the Nike Kyrie 8 anymore. With the Kyrie Infinity serving as the curtain call, one could argue that the Nike Kyrie models may be going out with style.

How do the Kyrie Infinity shoes fit?

The Kyrie Infinity is a bit wide on the front, so it’s more suited for wide-footed players. For narrow-footed hoopers, you can go true to size. The lockdown wings on the Kyrie Infinity offer tremendous lockdown, so you don’t have to worry about its wide fit.

When did the Kyrie Infinity come out?

The first release date of the Kyrie Infinity was slated for February 2022. Nike is continuing to release different colorways, with the “Multi-Color” colorway as its latest iteration.

How much are the Kyrie Infinity shoes?

The Kyrie Infinity pair is up for grabs for a price of $140. It’s slightly more expensive than the previous model.

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Check out these popular Kyrie Infinity shoes on Amazon:

Best Traction: Nike Kyrie 6

The Nike Kyrie 6 offers great traction that’s difficult to beat up until today. To be fair, Kyrie Irving’s shoes have always had tremendous grip, but Nike took it up a notch in the sixth main iteration of the basketball shoe line.

The multi-directional pattern on the bottom part provides grip to your every movement. So if you’re a shifty guard or a big who does a lot of pivots inside the paint, this pair will surely deliver the goods.

What ballers like even more about the performance of the Kyrie 6 is that it doesn’t collect a lot of dirt or dust when playing. You could play multiple games with this pair without the need to clean the bottom part of the shoe.

How do Kyrie 6 shoes fit?

The Kyrie 6 does have a tight fit, which is perfect for players with narrow feet. So if you have wide feet, going up half a size could be a great fit.

When did the Kyrie 6 come out?

The Kyrie 6’s release date was on November 2019. It has since released great colorways, including the “Pre-Heat” colorway pack.

How much are the Kyrie 6 shoes?

The Kyrie 6 retails for a price of $130, which is the usual price for Nike’s signature pairs for Kyrie Irving.

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Check out these popular Kyrie 6 shoes on Amazon:

Most Lightweight: Nike Kyrie Flytrap 4

The Flytrap line is the Nike Kyrie’s version of a budget basketball shoe. It doesn’t have the same premium materials that you would find in the more expensive signature pairs, but it has its own strengths.

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 4 is one of the go-to pairs of basketball players, mainly because of how light it is. The Kyrie Flytrap 4 checks in at the range of 300 to 330g, just behind the very light Nike Kobe 6 Protro of the Kobe Bryant signature line.

Of course, the impact protection may not be as good in a light shoe so you might want to consider that factor. But if you feel that a lightweight shoe is best suited for your style of play, then go ahead and cop the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 4.

How do Kyrie Flytrap 4 shoes fit?

The Kyrie Flytrap 4 runs true to size, so this is not a problem if you have narrow feet. For wide-footers, you might want to go a full size up, since the fit is a bit snug on the front.

When did the Kyrie Flytrap 4 come out?

The Kyrie Flytrap 4 was fully released on the market on January 2021. This signature shoe produced tons of exciting colorways, including the “Bright Mango” colorway.

How much are the Kyrie Flytrap 4 shoes?

You can buy the Kyrie Flytrap 4 at a very affordable price of $90.

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Check out these popular Kyrie Flytrap 4 shoes on Amazon:

Best for Outdoor Use: Nike Kyrie 2

The Nike Kyrie 2 is the second iteration in the signature line of Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving. The traction is great in the Kyrie 2, and the lockdown is superb.

But the more important asset here is that the outsole of the Nike Kyrie 2 is durable enough for outdoor use. This is something you don’t usually say about the basketball shoes of Kyrie Irving, as most of them are built for indoor use. But you can say that the Kyrie 2 is an exception, as it can bear long hours of outdoor basketball use.

How do Kyrie 2 shoes fit?

The Kyrie 2 is best suited for hoopers with narrow feet. Wide-footed players might want to go half a size up in this shoe.

When did the Kyrie 2 come out?

The Kyrie 6’s release date was on December 9, 2015. It has since released exciting colorways, including the “Effect” silhouette.

How much are the Kyrie 2 shoes?

The Kyrie 2 debuted at a price of $165 when it became available during its first release date.

Check out these popular Kyrie 2 shoes on Amazon:

Best Court Feel: Nike Kyrie Low 4

The Kyrie Low 4 is arguably the best low-cut iteration of Kyrie Irving’s signature line. It’s a low-to-the-ground shoe that offers players with quality court feel.

Moreover, it will provide you with great responsiveness and stability. It will stabilize your feet when you quickly shift directions or go for that pull-up jumper.

On the downside, the Nike Kyrie Low 4 doesn’t have the full length phylon midsole that other pairs have, so you might want to consider that factor. But if you’re a quick player relying on responsiveness in your shoes, then this low-top version of the former Cleveland Cavaliers star’s shoe is suited for you.

How do Kyrie Low 4 shoes fit?

The Kyrie Low 4 runs true to size. However, it’s snug on the toebox so wide-footers might want to go half a size up.

When did the Kyrie Low 4 come out?

The Kyrie Low 4’s release date was on October 2021. It boasts vibrant colorways, including the classic “Bred” colorway.

How much are the Kyrie Low 4 shoes?

The Kyrie Low 4 retails for a price tag of $120, which is more affordable than the main signature line.

Check out these popular Kyrie low 4 shoes on Amazon:

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