Andrew Bogut to be investigated by FIBA

Andrew Bogut

Australia Boomers big man Andrew Bogut is in hot water as he’s under investigation by FIBA and could face disciplinary sanctions.

After Australia’s 2OT loss to Spain in the FIBA World Cup, Bogut was caught on video as the team walked by the media where he was clearly overheard saying FIBA was a “f**king disgrace.” He also insinuated that the referees were favoring Spain in the game as he gestured a money sign to the refs after being called for a foul during the game.

FIBA secretary general Andreas Zagklis said that Bogut may face sanctions.

“We do have a very specific set of regulations and a set of principles,” Zagklis said.
“Where these lines are crossed, we have a disciplinary procedure and in this case there will be a disciplinary procedure.”

Even if he does not get fined and/or suspended by FIBA, Basketball Australia may take disciplinary action themselves.

Bogut may have crossed a line with his crude and poorly worded criticism and obviously let his heated emotions get the better of him. Still, his behavior on the court and after the game is a reflection on his nation’s basketball organization.

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