Albert Schweitzer Tournament update

Albert Schweitzer Tournament

The ongoing Albert Schweitzer Tournament (AST) 2014 is in full swing and several future basketball stars are stepping up in the heat of the competition. The 16-nation tournament of U18 teams began on April 19th and will continue until the April 26th. Read more about the AST’s rich history in our tournament preview.

So far three games have been played and several teams are shining. Four teams remain undefeated and are leading their respective groups. Serbia has managed to compile three wins in Group A, while Turkey  which has not won since 2004, is leading in Group B. The 10-time tournament winners USA have pristine record so far in Group C and Italy sits atop of Group D.

Asian teams Japan and China are still struggling to find wins groups B and D, respectively. Germany and defending champions Spain have produced some solid games and are still in contention as they are in second place in their respective groups.

The tournament’s best scorer thus far hails from Sweden. Ludvig Hakanson is averaging an impressive 26 points per game. He also leads the tournament in assists with 6.7 apg, so the player is also getting his teammates involved in the action. Hakanson is followed by Ukrainian Oleksandr Korebts with 23 ppg and Yanhao Zhao from China with 22 ppg.

Albert Schweitzer Tournament Standings

Group A

  1. Serbia 3-0 (6 pts)
  2. Sweden 2-1 (5 pts)
  3. England 1-2 (4 pts)
  4. Argentina 0-3 (3 pts)

Group B

  1. Turkey 3-0 (6 pts)
  2. Germany 2-1 (5 pts)
  3. Slovenia 1-2 (4 pts)
  4. Japan 0-3 (3 pts)

Group C

  1. USA  3-0 (6 pts)
  2. Ukraine 2-1 (5 pts)
  3. Chile 1-2 (4 pts)
  4. France 0-3 (3 pts)

Group D

  1. Italy 3-0 (6 pts)
  2. Spain 2-1 (5 pts)
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2 (4 pts)
  4. China 0-3 (3 pts)

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