AEL Limassol quits

Proteas Danoi AEL Limassol, often abbreviated as AEL Limassol, will not participate in the Cyprus championship this 2014/2015 season due to financial problems. AEL Limassol is the most successful team in the history of Cypriot Basketball with a list of honours including winning 13 championships, 9 cups and 8 super cups. It is the only basketball club in Cyprus to have ever clinched a European title (FIBA Regional Challenge Cup, 2003).

Limassol’s financial problems have been going on for years and since 2008 the club has been the subject of FIBA arbitration procedures by players and agents on four separate occasions. Currently there are two FIBA bans in place against AEL Limassol for not honouring imposed arbitration awards. Of course, the failure to meet those awards meant the club could face escalating penalties that range from fines to a ban of registering new players, or even participating in international competition.

Ultimately, the national federation can also impose additional sanctions. For example, a ban to participate in the domestic championship. With the club dropping out of the Cyprus league, there are only seven teams left to play in the Division A.


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