8.8 percent of NBA players test positive for COVID-19

In a joint statement with the NBPA, the league announced that 48 out of 546 players tested from Nov. 24-30 were infected with the coronavirus. That’s 8.8 percent.

A similar round of testing in June ahead of the league’s Disney World bubble resulted in a 5.3 percent positivity rate (16 of 320 players). COVID-19 is spreading at a higher rate now across the United States. That trend is true among NBA players as well.

The bubble format in Florida was a success because the NBA managed to isolate players who tested positive during the summer and kept COVID-19 from impacting the bubble. Therefore, once players and staff entered the bubble, there were zero cases on its campus through the end of the season.

However, COVID-19 is now more widespread. And there won’t be a bubble. Teams will travel from city to city and play in NBA arenas as usual. Players and team staff won’t be isolated from the outside world. Those who test positive will be isolated per CDC guidelines, according to the NBA.

COVID 19 tests in the NBA

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