2014 Basketball World Cup groups set

2014 Basketball World Cup

FIBA has announced the groupings for the 2014 Basketball World Cup which will be held in Spain this coming August. Madrid, Spain will be the primary venue with games also slated to be played in Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao and Granada.

The hosts will be headlining Group A and should expect stiff competition from 2013 Eurobasket champs, France. Meanwhile, FIBA third-ranked Argentina will lead the way in Group B. They will be challenged by the fifth-ranked Greek squad. Group C is expected to be dominated by the United States as they are expected to cruise through the preliminary stage with ease. Group D is expected to be a competitive cluster as Lithuania will be getting some exciting games versus Slovenia, Mexico and Australia.

While the United States are the hands-down favorites to take the Gold, nations like Spain, France, Argentina and Lithuania are solid contenders for those second and third spots on the podium.

“While I’m confident the United States will field another competitive team that will represent our country proudly, winning the World Cup is no easy road,” Krzyzewski said in a statement. ”With teams around the world getting better each year, the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup promises to be one of the most competitive worlds ever. Spain as the host country will play on its home court and will have its fans in full support, which only makes them even more difficult to play. Argentina, Lithuania, France, Australia and Puerto Rico are all familiar foes that are immensely talented, and I’m sure they will compete for the world title.”

There were no restrictions in drawing teams from pots except for the following:

  • Spain and United States, as the top 2 teams, are to be drawn at either half of the draw. Therefore, Spain shall be in Group A, and the USA will be in Group C. The other teams in the pot will be drawn to either Group B or D.
  • Finland will be not be placed in a group that already has a European team; therefore they can only be grouped on the group containing the USA or Argentina.
  • Australia will not be placed in a group that already contains New Zealand, and shall be placed on a group that already has two European teams.

Group A

Spain, France, Brazil, Serbia, Iran, Egypt

Group B

Argentina, Greece, Croatia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Senegal

Group C

United States, Turkey, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Finland, Ukraine

Group D

Lithuania, Australia, Slovenia, Angola, Mexico, South Korea

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