Solomon Islands Basketball Federation set to install new officers

The Solomon Islands Basketball Federation (SIBF) is set to usher in a new era this week when they stage elections for a new executive board.

The elections which will coincide with the 2012 SIBF congress will be hosted at the Star Events congress room on Monday March 26.
According to Uriel Matanani, SIBF president acting, the purpose of that Congress meeting is to elect new executives plus the election of a new president.

The previous SIBF president, Don Boykin resigned early this year as president, leaving the seat vacant for a while now, and other executive posts will also need to be filled.

Matanani said once the house is in order, basketball can then move on from there.

He highlighted that the SIBF is eyeing to shake up the sport of basketball and refocus its priorities and goals towards helping the development of basketball, both at the youth and rural level.

One of the key areas is to work towards engaging a full time Basketball Development officer, so to help drive this plan on youth and rural development of the code.

World basketball international body, FIBA will provide support in this area, but a local will have to take priority to fill this post.

The other area is to improve existing facilities of basketball.

FIBA Oceania has marked Vanuatu and Solomon Islands as countries in the Pacific this season, which will benefit from funding in this area.

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