Philip Austin Brooks sets sights on developing basketball in Africa

MVP Philip Austin Brooks sets sights on developing basketball in Africa

Philip Austin Brooks, a multi-talented guard and small forward noted for his versatility, has his sights set on a new challenge: playing professionally in Africa. Brooks is sure that there is a lot of basketball talent on the continent that hasn’t been found yet. Because of this, he wants to help spread the sport there. 

During a recent interview, he stated: “I believe that Africa has a lot of untapped talent when it comes to basketball.” There are a lot of skilled players out there, but they don’t always get the chance to show off their skills on a large stage because it doesn’t happen very often. I would like the opportunity to participate in the process of bringing about such a transformation.

When it comes to competing on the African continent, Brooks is not alone in his enthusiasm for doing so. 

In recent years, several well-known players like Hakeem Olajuwon, Dikembe Mutombo, and Luol Deng have moved to Africa. This has brought more attention to the sport and helped raise the overall level of competition on the continent. However, a great deal of work must be done before major basketball nations worldwide can compete with Africa.

Brooks says that the lack of proper infrastructure is one of the most important things stopping basketball from spreading in Africa. He thinks that investing in basketball on the African continent is extremely important and that this investment should include expanding the number of basketball courts, training facilities, and programs available to young players to assist them in developing their talents.

Another obstacle is the limited opportunities for African players to participate professionally. As a result, many of the most talented players on the continent have left, searching for options elsewhere. 

According to Brooks, an increase in the number of African teams competing in international competitions and a more significant number of African players being offered the opportunity to play professionally in other countries would be beneficial for raising the overall level of play across the African continent.

Many industry professionals are aware of the potential for basketball in Africa, and they feel that with the appropriate resources and support, the continent can emerge as a prominent force on the global scene of basketball.

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