Pakistan to invite basketball teams

KARACHI: Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBF) will request other Asian countries’ federations to send their teams to Pakistan, a top official said.

Secretary PBF Naseem Butt told ‘The News’ that the request would be made at the congressional meeting of FIBA Asia, the governing body of 44 Asian countries, to be held on May 28 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“I am going to attend the meeting, and I will request the representatives of the countries there to send their teams to Pakistan,” he said, adding that he would also request the management of FIBA Asia to provide the national team with a coach. “I will also ask the FIBA management if they can arrange a course of International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Pakistani team/coaches,” said the secretary.

He further said that the meeting was earlier scheduled in the last week of April, but the FIBA Asia has rescheduled it.

The secretary further said that since American coaches are quite expensive to afford he would request the FIBA to arrange a coach from Asia.

“I am planning to meet the representatives of those Asian countries that have similar standards of game as we have and will ask them to send their teams to Pakistan, so that our players have opportunities to learn,” he added.

He said that he would request the representatives of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and India. “Some six months back, we sent letters to the teams of Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries to send their teams to Pakistan but they did not pay heed,” he said.

So this is a better opportunity to directly meet the representatives of some 44 Asian teams there and get some help, he added.

Pakistan’s basketball team shares world ranking of 83 with all other countries that do not come in the top 82 teams. India is ranked 58th.

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