2020 EuroLeague Final Four

EuroLeague considers moving the Final Four to a later date

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EuroLeague Basketball considers moving the 2020 Final Four to a later date, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the coronavirus spreading all over the world, the EuroLeague suspended the season for at least 30 days.

However, as things are getting worse in many European countries, like Italy Spain, Germany and France, it is very likely the suspension will last longer.

If that happens, the EuroLeague will have two options. It will either cancel the season or resume it and move the Final Four to a later date.

Both the competition itself and the respective clubs want the season to resume.

So, the EuroLeague will have to reschedule the Final Four, since it is unlikely there will be any action until the end of April or the first days of May.

The Final Four is scheduled to take place in Cologne in late May (22-24). But, the league will have to change its format in order to have everything ready by this date.

Since this is unlikely to happen, EuroLeague seems to examine alternative options on when the Final Four can take place. This means the season could very likely end in mid or even late June.

At the same time, almost all EuroLeague clubs (aside from CSKA Moscow) have closed their practice facilities. Moreover, the majority of the foreign players has returned to their home countries.

So far, Trey Thompkins of Real Madrid has tested positive for the coronavirus. In addition, the two-week quarantine of Armani Milano players came to an end earlier this week.

For his part, Mike James of CSKA Moscow is in self-isolation after having dinner with Lokomotiv Kuban players. Fortunately, all players of Kuban tested negative for the virus.

Overall, the EuroLeague has already started creating alternative plans on how it will handle the coronavirus crisis.

As of this moment, though, it seems unlikely the Final Four will take place as scheduled (May 22-24).

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